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Two nerds from England go on a cross-country trip with an alien.

Simon Pegg (and yes, as soon as you saw that name you knew this was going to be good, didn’t you?) and his buddy Nick Frost have made another winner. After Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, his name on a movie almost always promises a good time to be had by all. We will pass quietly over How to lose friends and alienate people…everyone is allowed to make a mistake once in a while, you know?

But anyway. So there I was at work, where they all know full well that I attend Comic-con every year. And someone handed me this, and said, you should see this, it’s funny, and part of it takes place at Comic-con.

And I remembered them filming some of this (not that I saw the filming, but everyone passes on whatever gossip is hot at that convention, and that year Simon Pegg filming a movie was indeed hot.) And besides, it was a way to relive the fun that is Comic-con.

So I brought it home. And sure enough, it starts and ends at Comic-con. But inbetween, Pegg and Frost play two geeky nerds from England, in the US for the first and maybe only time ever, who leave San Diego on a road trip with a huge rented motor home and a list of places to go (like Area 51 and Roswell NM and the Little Al-E-Inn) and on the way…pick up a strange passenger.

This was gross and funny and charming. There were a lot of geek jokes in it, but Mr. Otter was laughing as hard as I was, and liked it just as much. Simon Pegg has made another winner, and you should really go and find it right now.

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