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Superheroes. Saving the world. Yet again.

I can remember few movies so eagerly anticipated, so talked about, so…how shall I say it? SLAVERED OVER as this one.  Oh my golly. For something like a YEAR AND A HALF. The cast showed up at Comic-con 2011 and was a huge hit (that you had to have stood in line all day to see…guess who didn’t bother?) Everyone was passing on stories and gossip and conjecture and speculation. Everything connected with the movie was scrutinized. Each of the pre-release backstory movies was mobbed opening weekend because we all knew that the only reason they were making the suckiness that was Thor and the uber-suckiness that was Captain America…was to give yet more texture to the (we hoped) TRANSCENDANT AWESOMENESS that would be The Avengers.

And the day came. And went, because I am NOT an otter to stand in line all day for a movie I can just walk into a week later.

And the week after it opened, I was in Southern California visiting Ottersis and Spider Jerusalem…and SJ said, let’s go see the Avengers! And we did. In the middle of the afternoon. And walked right in, which was wonderful.

But not as wonderful as this movie. Which, rarely in the film world, TOTALLY LIVED UP TO THE BUZZ.

This was excellent in so many ways!

  1. All the actors were good, and Thor was much better in this than in his own movie, probably because the writing was better. And of course (recently promoted to) Serious Honey Robert Downey Jr., everyone’s favorite Bad Boy, was awesome. But did not entirely steal the show, which was nice, because
  2. The characters were all really good. I mean, it’s a superhero movie. We all (or at least, all of us except Mr. Otter, who has pretty much been ignoring all the buildup, and after seeing this movie, said, But I didn’t know who any of those people were or why they were doing what they were doing…LOL!) know these superheroes, where they came from and what their ‘thing’ is. And there are seven of them in this movie, as main characters, PLUS all the other people (like Nick Fury) who are important to the plot. Surely a couple of them will just be there, with no character development or anything much to do except whack on the bad guys? But no. ALL of them were rounded and interesting characters, with their own stories and their own moments in the sun…and that was amazing. Especially Hawkeye and Black Widow, about whom I knew nothing and assumed that they would just be filler…but they were, I think, my favorite characters in this.
  3. The F/X, which I don’t need to go on about, you know they were awesome.
  4. The story itself, which went from each of them as individuals to getting them together to making a team out of them. It was, of course, fast-moving and yet there was time spent on each character, and their relationships with other characters.
  5. The amount of planning that went into this movie…all the pre-movies, starting, I think, with Iron Man three years ago, have interconnected characters that showed up in this movie, especially Agent Colson, who was in all of them. Which was great.
  7. Joss Whedon, who is a GOD. Nuf sed.

So there you have it. Amazing movie, saw it twice in the theater and can’t wait to own it, and the otter is VERY VERY PLEASED WITH IT. If you haven’t seen it, come on over and we’ll watch it again, I’d love that.

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