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A retelling of Snow White.

I know I saw this when it came out, because I saw it in the movie theater. I remember that I had to leave the house for some reason- the housecleaners were coming or something. So I know I saw it.

Then, six months later, I realized that I had seen it and that I never added it to my movie list…and you know, I couldn’t even remember the name of this movie, and I actually had to read about it to recall anything that happened.

I know that Julia Roberts was in it, and the guy who played the prince was cute. And there were a few good action scenes, and a couple of laughs. Oh, and Sean Bean as the king, in the end…but only for about two minutes, he had better sense than to be in a movie this mediocre.

Because it was. And completely forgettable, obviously. The special effects were okay, and a lot of it was filmed in a winter setting, which made the action scenes stand out against the snow. And…um…that’s about it.

Obviously not one of the best movies ever. Try to see it for free if you must see it.

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