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Third-world traffickers have taken Liam Neeson’s daughter. Boy, are they gonna be sorry…

Spider Jerusalem and I had movie night, as we do each week, and it was his turn to pick. He was surprised I hadn’t seen this, so we watched it. And what a great movie!

Liam Neeson was perfect as the dad, retired from doing…what? at the CIA…but we know it was dangerous and he was very good at it; we also know that he retired solely to be near his daughter and the CIA wants him back, which makes his ability to kick serious booty much more likely. His daughter goes to Paris against his better judgement, and of course he turns out to be right, and has to rescue her from the bad guys.

Lots of action, good writing, a plot that moves breathtakingly along, and is yet believeable. As SJ said, the ONLY thing that was hard to believe in this movie is that his three CIA buddies wouldn’t go with him.

If you like explosions and edge-of-your-seat action (except you know all the way through that he’ll get her back, right?) this is a great choice.

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