300 Spartans

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The battle of Thermopylae. Guess who got stomped?

So Ottersis and I were emailing, and she mentioned that she was watching this. Ooh, I said, I’ve never seen it. So she brought it when she came to visit.

And Mr. Otter and I watched it the other night.

It wasn’t bad…but man, they did talk a lot. The ratio of talky explication to actual battle scene time seemed like it was about 10:1, truthfully. Most of it was silly 60s over-the-top epic historical stuff. Pretty to watch, lots of bad guys to boo, but if I want a movie about a battle, damn, I want it to be ABOUT THE BATTLE. Like Frank Miller’s version of this same battle, which (over the top as it was) I really liked.

I can see Mr. Otter sneering now, since he was contemptuous of Miller’s historical veracity, and got tired of the puddles of drool in front of my seat from all the computer-enhances buffed-out Spartan dudes. Nevertheless, it was a fine example of a movie about a battle that was actually just about ALL ABOUT THE BATTLE. A minimum of side issues, just enough to let you know the political situation and why there wasn’t no help coming from nowhere.

So this was interesting, but not great. Worth watching. But of the two, I definitely prefer 300, and would gladly see it again.

Reality Police: Sir Ralph Richardson, who really was excellent in this as Themistocles of Athens, kept invoking Jove. Huh? Jupiter was the ROMAN version of Zeus, who is who he SHOULD have been calling on. No wonder they got pasted.

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