The 6th Day

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The bad guys have illegally cloned Arnold, and is he ever pissed off about it!

A mildly amusing action flick, some good explosions and fair f/x. Robert Duvall is his usual interesting self, and Arnold chews scenery in a quiet and dignified manner, especially when there are two of him.

Too bad that the best movie he’ll ever make is 11 years behind him, but he keeps on trying, at least. Some good lines, a couple of funny scenes, interesting ideas on how genetic engineering and cloning will become part of our lives in the next few years…but…

Soapbox time: as in John Q, this movie seems to mostly exist to make some really obvious points:

  • Cloning is scary. Yup.
  • Genetic engineering is something that might not be good. Oh, really?
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, duh.
  • Death is Nature’s Way and who are we to counteract it? Philosophy 1A, been there done that…

And was I the only person that thought that doll was REALLY CREEPY??? slight oogies on that one…

Reality police: firstly, how could the Bill Gates guy put the diseases into the clones without the CHIEF SCIENTIST IN CHARGE who has to oversee it all knowing about it? I don’t believe it. Even more unrealistic: at the end, the new cat is released from the box and he and the dog immediately get along JUST FINE??? I don’t think so!

And one more problem: In this movie, the attitude is, you can be cloned, and your memories up to the moment you are cloned are put into the clone, so for all intents and purposes the clone is you, so you don’t care if you die because your consciousness goes on.

But that’s not how it really works…I mean, it isn’t really you, it’s another person/being that looks like you and has your memories…but your consciousness is gone, you’re dead…so why are all these people so complacent about getting killed and being brought back as a clone? totally doesn’t work for me, but I guess most of the people who watched this don’t have degrees in philosophy…maybe I should turn mine in before I watch these things…

But the explodo is pretty good, worth watching for that.

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