The Addams Family

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Is Uncle Fester really Uncle Fester? or is he a con man pretending to be Uncle Fester?

I remember seeing this in the theatres when it came out. And I remember walking out of the theatre with Mr. Otter, saying, I want to be part of that family, can I trade mine in?

Because in this movie, the Addams Family is a warm, loving, wonderful family who just happen to be a little different from the rest of the families around them. And they all take care of each other, and love each other, and do stuff together.

Imagine living in a family like that…but enough about my dysfunctional childhood.

Seriously, this movie is wonderful. Good actors- Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Serious Honey Anjelica Huston. A great script, with a ton of both verbal and visual humor lovingly portrayed, not to mention as many good quotes as Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Beautiful sets and costumes, bringing their house and environs to life.

And the best part? there are many, many riffs on NOT the idiotic and low-rent tv series, but THE ORIGINAL CHARLES ADDAMS CARTOONS.

Having been raised amongst people who totally got Addams’ cartoons and had many books of them around the house, I was and am just tickled pink and the inclusion of so many of them in this film. From the opening shot- pouring boiling oil on the cute Xmas carolers- to the last shot, where you see what Morticia is knitting, it is a joy to fans everywhere to see so much of Addams’ work incorporated into such a great, funny, and fun to watch movie.

This one is a classic. Ignore the sequels (we all know how much most sequels suck, and these were worse than usual) but run to the store and buy this movie. You will watch it over and over and over. It is one of the Perfect Movies and as such is worthy of inclusion in all right-thinking people’s dvd collections.

Okay, I’ve pontificated long enough…time to watch it again. Want to join me?

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