Bad Taste

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Aliens kill everyone in a small town in New Zealand and package them as fast food; four men are the only ones who can stop them. Mr. Otter and I watched this and Cannibal: the Musical as a double feature…a seriously weird film fest!

Boy, that title ain’t kidding! This has been dragged out of the vault because it is Peter Jackson’s first flick…it’s low-budget and obviously a beginner’s work, but it is amazing to think that in just 7 films and 15 years, he went from that to something as stunning as Fellowship of the Ring.

This is a silly bloodbath of a movie; brains and body parts everywhere, running jokes about people eating/stepping in/cutting apart gross things, pretty darn good aliens, lots of explosions, amusing for an evening when you don’t demand much entertainment. Peter Jackson plays Derrick, for those who are interested in seeing the man himself.

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