The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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Three drag queens traveling on a bus across Australia. Sounds pretty lame, doesn’t it?

But no. Firstly, two of them are Terence Stamp and Hugo Weaving*. Secondly, they are not so much running from as traveling to…what? ah, that would be telling…and the journey is the fun of it.

Yes, it’s basically a road picture, and aside from the quirks of the travelers and the amusement and plot value of their broken down old bus (the eponymous Priscilla) it’s not much different from any other road picture, plus of course you’ll end up with a bunch of Abba songs stuck in your head for days, ew!

But this one has a LOT of charm. And quirkiness. And really good feelings. And a GREAT ending. So go on and rent it, you know you want to. Enjoy.

*OK, it still freaks me out to see Hugo Weaving in full drag putting on SUNGLASSES…he was totally scary in The Matrix

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