The Adventures of Robin Hood

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Some of the best known bits of the Robin Hood legends thrown together in a charming film.

Another movie that I have loved since I was a very young otter, and can quote large chunks of the dialogue when it’s appropriate.

Mr. Otter and I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD with great anticipation, and were not disappointed. Not only the movie itself, lovingly restored to amazing, breathtaking, glowing colors, but another whole disk of stuff. Including the two Warner Brothers Looney Tunes Robin Hood sendups, a real treat.

This is one of Errol Flynn’s two or three best, Captain Blood definitely being in the list too…he’s charming, handsome, and completely adorable. As is Basil Rathbone, in an evil sort of way…but no, he’s not the other honey in this flick. Who is? Need I say? Claude Rains, of course, my suave and debonair golden love object, playing the evil and cowardly Prince John.

Lots of swordplay, witty dialogue, horses, castles, beautiful costumes…the plot of this doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense, but you’ll go along for the ride anyway, and be glad you did. It’s a real winner.

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