The African Queen

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From the novel by C. S. Forester

What a completely wonderful movie! Bogie and Hepburn, he a scruffy drunk and she a strait-laced missionary, traveling down an African river together in a beat-up old boat, braving crocodiles, gunfire, rapids and a million other perils on their way to Do the Right Thing.

And SO ROMANTIC! I’m not much of a fan of Ms. Hepburn, she’s a little over the top for me, but there are a few movies she’s just right in (Desk Set is another). She and Bogie have a wonderful bond between them, and are a joy to watch.

This is a movie that if you haven’t seen, you should be ashamed of your upbringing and run right out and rent it…we’re talking serious basic popular culture, it’s like saying you’ve never seen Casablanca or Gone with the Wind or…you haven’t? WHAT are you waiting for?

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