The Assassination Bureau

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From the story by Jack London (left half-finished and completed after his death by Robert L. Fish)

Oliver Reed is part of an international group of high-level assassins (who will kill anyone if paid well enough) at the turn of the 20th century. Diana Rigg is the enterprising woman journalist who is determined to get the story… especially when someone starts bumping off the members of the Bureau!

This movie has been a favorite in Otter’s family since forever. It was one of those that we would stay up to watch at whatever godawful hour they showed it, in the long-ago days before VCRs and DVDs. So when the Squirrel Lady mentioned it, we all said, let’s do that! and so we did.

And you know, it’s still a pretty darn good movie. Full of late-60s camp, but Diana Rigg is elfin and tough and adorable, and Oliver Reed is wonderful. Telly Savalas is Rigg’s boss, what a blast from the past. It’s one of those ‘history as it ought to be’ movies, with a great plot and a satisfying ending.

This otter says, go rent it now, you’ll be glad you did.

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