Blade: Trinity

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Blade is back to kick more vampire butts.

OK, it’s the third in a wildly popular series. To tell the truth, I have been so far out of the movie watching loop that I didn’t even know this one was in the works til it was released…but of course I had to go see it! Blade is one of my fav explodos, and Blade 2, although not as good, is still very very watchable, especially Wesley Snipes, who is EXTREMELY FINE in both of those movies.

Well. Hm. I did include the honey icon for Mr. Snipes, but…in this movie, he NEVER TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF. This is the kiss o’ death for the honey icon, since what it says to me is that he has lost his edge and is, mmm, not staying in shape, shall we say? I could be wrong, but in looking at stills from both movies, it looks like the intervening six years have not been as kind to Mr. Snipes as they might.

A small quibble, but still.

The plot is pretty basic, the vampires are now trying to find/bring back an ancient super-vampire to give them immunity to daylight, and the humans (and Blade) are trying to stop them.

There is a whole contingent of young vampire hunters being introduced in this one, many of the more interesting members of which do not survive this movie. I really thought Abigail Biel’s character (Whistler’s daughter) having to pick tunes on her iPod to have music to blow away vampires by was extremely silly, and obviously just put in there to attract younger people. A good plot and good special effects will attract more people, you know, filmmakers take note. Sigh.

Reality police: this is the second Blade movie where people are put into life support tanks WEARING CLOTHES? Shoes, even. Silly and makes no sense, except for needing the lower ratings so teens can see it too. And of course anything that worked against vampires, like sunlight or silver, worked better or worse not depending on what the item was, but on what the filmmakers needed to happen at the time. Sometimes diffuse sunlight will make them explode, sometimes they just get a bad sunburn and get under cover. Sorry, didn’t work for this otter.

Sure, you’ve seen the other two, you have to see this, it’s a lot of action and will carry you along for the ride…but don’t expect too much.

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