Boondock Saints

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Two Irish guys in Boston decide to rid the town of all the bad guys. And Willem Dafoe is the FBI man who is after them.

So here we are, friends with Maid-Of-Awesome. And we drag her over to our place all the time and subject her to our eclectic tastes in movies, and she bears this uncomplainingly.

A few weeks ago, she was over at our place, we were all chowing pizza and watching movies, and she hands me a movie, and says, try this, you’ll like it.

And of course, since we are very bad about things like this, it got put at the bottom of the stack for the holidays. But then we were home, and I said, we’d better watch M-O-A’s movie so we can give it back to her.

And we were so pleasantly surprised. We expected it to be good, knowing her…she would never recommend a clunker. But it so exceeded our expectations. We called her the minute we finished watching it and babbled about how much we had liked it.

Yeah, doesn’t sound like much. But the script is witty and brilliant. The actors are excellent. Willem Dafoe chews scenery and mugs with the best, and is a joy to watch. The camerawork and pacing are perfect, and the ending, while not entirely satisfying, is certainly appropriate to the theme and quandaries put forward in this delightful AND EXTREMELY VIOLENT gem of a movie.

Oh, and the cat dies. It’s hilarious, but still…just so you know. But otherwise? brilliant, run out and watch it NOW.

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