The Big Sleep

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From the novel of the same name by Raymond Chandler

Howard Hawks’ movie of the Chandler classic, starring Bogie as Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall as the daughter of his client.

Oh man. This one is SO GOOD. Yes, you should read the book, so stop making excuses. But what a great movie…murder, sex, blackmail, fistfights, and Bogie and Bacall. Yowzah!

We were having the AGVAPSNBA* that night, with three attendees, and our theme was Black and White. This was great, not only wonderful to see it again (a long time since I had read or seen it) but just a great movie in its own right.

Bogie is at his tough, suave and self-deprecating best…Bacall radiates heat in every direction…the rest of the cast is good as well, although nobody else I recognized (Mr. Otter would have, I’ll bet). And it was fun watching it with two other people because we had to keep stopping it and trying to figure out who was doing what to whom…way fun.

This is a classic, you should definitely see it (again) soon, and you won’t be sorry you did. Oh, and there’s a scene in the public library, with two hot ladies behind the desk with (of course) glasses and hair in buns. Same for the bookstore lady, although she takes off her glasses and lets down her hair before vamping Humph. Humph indeed…stereotypes ‘r’ us…

*All Girls Video and Pizza Night, No Boys Allowed. Only when Mr. Otter is out of town, of course…

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