Calamity Jane

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A kind of silly story, but it’s a musical, what the heck: Calamity Jane (Doris Day) is in Deadwood, palling around with Bill Hickok (Howard Keel) and after some initial misunderstandings, they realize they’re in love and all ends well.

Sounds pretty awful, and it would be, except that Doris and Howard are both so DANG CUTE! This is one of Doris Day’s best movies (a serious honey, believe it or not)…she does this hyuck-hyuck ‘I’m a hick chick’ schtick all through the movie, but she is so adorable you can’t resist her. And Howard Keel, another serious honey, is the perfect foil for her. Good songs, a plot that makes some sense but not too much, some excellent musical numbers…and who can resist Doris living alone in a cabin with another woman and then singing about a ‘secret love’…? sends us into hysterics, you betcha, we just love it.

Usually musicals are exempt from the Historical No-Brainer icon, but this is SO egregiously bad in terms of historical veracity, that I just had to add it. You have been warned. Detach your historical brain before watching this one…but if you like musicals, give it a try, just plain good fun.

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