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Is there anyone left on this planet who doesn’t know what this movie is about? Who can’t sing all the songs, not just “As Time Goes By”, along with the excellent Dooley Wilson? who can’t quote large chunks of dialogue along with the actors?

Well, you should just be ASHAMED of yourself. Go and watch this wonderful movie immediately. We won’t tell anyone that you hadn’t if you do it right away.

Seriously, this movie is so ingrained into the pop culture of our times that it is truly hard to imagine that there are people left who haven’t seen it…and yet, we recently watched it with a good friend (who is smart, well educated and well rounded) who…hadn’t.

But that problem is easy to correct, and we had a wonderful time watching it with her.

So I won’t burble about the actors, all of whom are very good for their parts (and over time and poplularity, have even BECOME their parts), or about the settings/camera work/lighting, or the wonderful music, or the great, great dialogue, or any of the other reasons this movie is pretty well perfect.

I also won’t bring up all the stories about who almost got cast as what, and what a mediocre movie this was considered to be when it was made. I won’t even point out how ludicrous the whole plot line about the letters of transit is, because NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

If Otter had to go out on a limb, and pick ONE MOVIE to be, maybe not the best movie ever, but the PERFECT movie…this might very well be it.

But you knew that. You’ve seen it a million times too. And you know, anytime you’re in the mood, come on over and we’ll get Sam to play “As Time Goes By” again…I’ll bring the popcorn. And the kleenex.

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