The Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

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Three adventurers brave the dangerous Avocado Jungle of Southern California to find the Cannibal Women and stop their atrocities!

Oh, and there are bare breasts at the beginning, for all those who like them.

This is a very silly movie, in the same genre as The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, a takeoff on B adventure movies.

Although slow in places and kinda silly, there are many good things about this flick: firstly, the female lead, Shannon Tweed, is an ex-Bunny (although she plays a feminist scientist and the OTHER woman is named Bunny!) and is great fun to watch, since she does the ‘serious scientist’ schtick all the way through. Bill Maher (who evidently did a lot of second-rate movies) and Adrienne Barbeau (ditto) are both very funny and over-the-top. And the script is an amusing pastiche of bits from a lot of other stuff- Raiders of the Lost Ark, Joseph Conrad, The African Queen, Disneyland and more. Fun to watch. Not bad writing and dialogue.

I was in Southern California, staying with Ottersis, having a great time. We decided to have a movie night, and Ottersis said, have you seen this? and we watched it. And as soon as we got to the scene at the college, I started laughing hysterically…because the whole film was shot in Southern California locations, including Otter and Mr. Otter’s Alma Mater, UC Riverside. The carillion tower, the library archways, Sproul hall. Unmistakable. Also the UCR botanic gardens, the avocado groves outside UCR, and the final scenes in the ‘temple’ which is actually a Frank Lloyd Wright building in Hollywood (Hollyhock House). And San Bernardino…no, it’s a scary place…

Watch it and laugh. Silly fun, especially for those of us from SoCal.

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