Cowboys and Aliens


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From the graphic novel of the same name by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley.

The title pretty much says it all.

I got a free shirt with the logo of this movie on it at the 2010 Comic-con, which was cool. But it didn’t tell me much about the movie itself. Until I saw the trailer, which was AWESOME.

So I was determined to go. And one night, Mr. Otter and I got home from work early and left immediately to get to an early show, thinking it might have a line.

Nope. Hm, not a good sign, it’s only been open for four days or so…but whatevs.

And, well.

On the good side, there was Daniel Craig, and at least once without a shirt. Harrison Ford was kept to a scenery-chewing minimum, AND kept his shirt ON. There were several other good actors. There were good special effects.

On the bad side, it was kinda slow moving for an action flick, and I found it hard to believe that any species that could create tech like that could be so completely STOO-PID, as we say chez Otter.

I haven’t read the original graphic novel (I heard that this was much rewritten) but the previews made it look like Independence Day- the townspeople holding off the attacking aliens. What it really was, was The Searchers- the posse after the bad guys that stole the townspeople.

Um. It was okay. There are some big plot holes (there are better places to get gold in the 1880s than the American Southwest, actually, and Mr. Otter says (rightly) that in a time before any sort of mechanical flight, the very sight of these alien rocket machines would have send people into catatonia or terrified flight.), and the obliviousness of the aliens, not to mention how easy they turned out to be to kill, is hard to believe. The action scenes were good, and they at least TRIED to do some character development.

But nothing to stand up and cheer for, nor a movie to put on my ‘buy this’ list.

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