The Color of Money

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From the novel by Walter Tevis.

Fast Eddie Felson is back, a successful liquor salesman who finds a kid who has a natural talent for pool.

This sequel to 1961’s The Hustler is much better than I expected, although ultimately disappointing…just the concept, twenty years later, use the same actor to revisit the character and see where his life had led, pretty interesting.

Serious honey Newman is very very good in this, as well as very cute. And this one came out the same year as Top Gun, so Cruise looks younger than last week’s kittens, and is almost cute…and, amazingly enough, is also pretty darn good, as is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Cruise’s girlfriend.

The only problem is that two thirds of the way through the movie, with wonderful tension and dynamics set up between the three of them, all of a sudden Cruise and Mastrantonio are out of the picture until the very end, which is the big confrontation between the two guys, and after a great teaser, ends up being a disappointment.

Interesting to watch, worth it for Newman, but don’t get your hopes up, pretty good is all this one is…but it could have been wonderful.

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