David and Goliath

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The Biblical story, made boring and turgid.

You think I’m kidding. This was the last movie of the New Year’s Day Videofest (theme: B.C.) Everyone but us had gone home. It was only 9 pm.

Let’s watch one more! we said, little realizing just what we were getting into…

This was an Italian movie made in 1960, and is just as bad as the standard Italian movie of the time. Orson Welles plays King Saul (read the MRQE review for a hilarious description of this) and you’d think that would make it better, but no.

Boring, turgid, awful. I kinda fell asleep during parts of it, and we were so glad when it was over, we could declare the Videofest ended…and go to bed.

Skip this one, it’s a real dog.

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