Dawn of the Dead

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Sequel to Night of the Living Dead, more dead people hell-bent on making live people into Purina Zombie Chow…

Well. I was staying with the Barracuda and her new husband, the Dog Master…and we were all imbibing various excellent beverages…and the talk turned to movies, in which the DM has, shall we say, eclectic tastes.

You’d like Dawn of the Dead! he said.

No, I wouldn’t, I explained, I can’t watch things coming back from the dead in movies. I told him about the oogie factor and a couple of movies that I had had to walk out on.

Oh, he said, this one’s not scary!

Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. When I saw American Werewolf in London (“It’s not scary! It’s funny!“, said my friend Craig…), I didn’t sleep for THREE STRAIGHT NIGHTS. And it was WEEKS before I could look in a mirror without expecting to see Jack looking over my shoulder…and I don’t mean my cat!.

We had another beer, and I allowed as how I would be willing to be in the same room with my head pointed vaguely in the direction of the screen if he didn’t mind that I might get up and walk out if it got too scary.

He thought that was just fine.

And you know, he was right. It wasn’t oogie at all.

Basically, what the movie is about is four people holing up in a shopping mall (and in the 70s too, a real hoot to see all the stuff in the mall from 30 years ago) and trying to survive and not have the zombies find them…and of course for the whole movie you’re waiting for it all to blow up in their faces, which it does, quite satisfyingly.

Nothing deep, silly and fun, many plot holes, lots of blood and body parts…but the zombies are so dumb looking that they’re not at all scary.

Yes, part of our popular culture, worth seeing if you like this sort of thing…or are having several drinks with the Barracuda and the Dog Master. Give them a call the next time you’re in town, they have a lot of good movies.

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