Day of the Triffids


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From the novel of the same name by John Wyndham.

For a famous movie that I’ve heard about my whole life, this one was SERIOUSLY dull. The AGVAPSNBA* was in session, and I thought, oh, boy, I finally get to see this big scary movie.

Ho. Hum. Yawn.

Wierd meteor showers make everyone in the world who sees them go blind, and at the same time mysterious people-eating plants spring up and grow very very fast, finally being able to rip their roots out of the ground and come after their prey. Very British and slow paced, and even the scenes that are supposed to be exciting, like the train wreck full of blind people, are kinda dull.

Reality police: the people who figure out how to destroy these plant things are trapped on a lighthouse/island…they finally find that seawater melts the plants into muck. An island off the coast of Cornwall? How the heck did the plants root and grow there without being sprayed by seawater in the first place???

Penalty for inapproprate behavior: Howard Keel, who is a serious honey, never gets to sing. Doggone it.

*All Girls Video And Pizza Sleepover No Boys Allowed. The theme this particular time was, ‘the movie that scared you before you were 10 years old’. Each attendee brings one and we draw names from a bowl to pick the ones we actually watch. Much fun.

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