Dead Like Me: Life After Death


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A girl named George dies in an accident and finds that she is still around…she is a Reaper, and her new job is to collect people’s souls just before they die.

If you haven’t seen the two-season TV series that this movie is based on, don’t start here. Go get the series, enjoy all the episodes and THEN see this movie.

Sure, they explain the basics for people who haven’t seen the series…but to comprehend the full awfulness of Cameron following Rube, you have to have seen the show.

And it’s wonderful.

Mr. Otter and I knew that this movie existed, but had never seen it. So when I got him the boxed set of both seasons of the show for Christmas, and it turned out that the movie was included, we were very pleased, and set aside time to watch it (which, over the holidays, is not easy, Chez Otter…)

And we were very pleasantly surprised. Mason, George and Roxy are played by the same actors. They have a new woman playing Daisy Adair who is very good. And of course Rube has moved on, and the group has a new boss…who is VERY different from Rube.

The characters are good, the story is excellent, and we loved the ending. Get it now, or start on the show, you’ll be glad you did.

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