Dodge City

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Errol Flynn is a buffalo hunter for the railroads…but he’s had enough! Now he’s going to bring some law and order to…DODGE CITY!

A truly mediocre western, in which even Serious Honey From 1935-45 Flynn doesn’t shine, not being given enough good dialogue. Standard stuff: wide open spaces, cattle stampede, lawless town, bad guys, really annoying kid put in for comic relief, Olivia De Havilland for the love interest (same year she made Gone with the Wind, actually), a totally predictable plot, and the usual gang of guys (Alan Hale, Henry Travers, Guinn “Big Boy” Williams) doing the usual stuff.

Oh, sure, it won’t make you run out of the room screaming, but it does have an extremely long and dull fight scene, and a truly stultifying plot. Don’t go out of your way to catch it…as Mr. Otter said, it’s good to fall asleep in front of.

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