The Day After Tomorrow

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The greenhouse effect causes a new ice age to appear within a week (they aren’t kidding with the title, folks) and lots o’ stuff freezes.

Silly, hackneyed plot (pretty much the same as Finding Nemo but not as cute) about a father determined to find his son (Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, respectively) and his son’s learning to survive on his own.

And nothing need be said about the science in this one, it totally sucks big hairy rocks…pretty funny in most places.

Nope, there are only two reasons to see this one: firstly, the special effects are amazing. Even Mr. Otter, a purist when it comes to wanting silly things like plot and character development in movies he actually pays money for, admitted that this was worth 9 1/2 bucks for the special effects alone.

And then…Jake G. and the few who believe him spend the worst part of the storm holed up in…THE LIBRARY. This part was great. The head librarian is cute and resourceful, the discussions about which books to burn to stay warm, the whole ambiance of the place (including the little-known fact that wooden doors can keep out subzero temperatures that are freezing and cracking solid iron skyscrapers if the heroes are holed up behind them. Remember this if you are ever in this situation.) was wonderful.

Don’t expect too much, enjoy the INCREDIBLE special effects, and see it on the big screen if possible, won’t be the same at home.

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