Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

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A shack in the woods. The Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell. A chain saw. What more need I say?

No, this one is not at all oogie, and I have no idea why. The FIRST Evil Dead movie, that was SERIOUS oogies, and I won’t see it again…when his girlfriend appeared in the living room with that look on her face, yow! but this one is just a whole lot of fun.

The plot is inane, and is in fact pretty much the same as the first movie: bunch of college students alone in a shack in the wood, evil things about, and, in the words of Carl LaFong, “Many people are killed”.

This is a remake of that one, with a much bigger budget, better special effects and a VASTLY improved, very funny, script. Lots of places to jump and scream, but so much action, amusing stuff happening and great dialogue that it’s a treat to watch…not to mention Campbell’s facial expressions!

If you don’t mind a LOT of blood and gore, and have kind of a wacky sense of humor, give this one a try, you’ll be glad you did.

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