The Emperor’s Club

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From the short story The Palace Thief by Ethan Canin

A Western Civ teacher in a private school and one of his more memorable classes, then and now, 25 years later, when the same class of students gathers again for some unfinished business.

All I can say is, it’s a good thing that Mr. Otter (aka Historian-on-a-stick) is so wonderful, because Kevin “Serious Honey” Kline as a HISTORY TEACHER was just unbelieveably adorable. What movie? who cares?

No, seriously, this was a good one. It’s saved from being ordinary by the events 25 years later, which I was completely surprised by. A wonderful movie about sticking to your principles and doing the right thing and the WORTH OF TEACHERS, ever so much more satisfying that that hideous travesty, Dead Poets Society.

No need to see it in the theatre, but do make time to see it.

Reality police: nobody saw the guy in the back with the headset? NOBODY? give me a break!

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