Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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From the novel of the same name by Hunter Thompson.

Two guys spend a week in Vegas with WAAAAYYYY too many drugs and guns in their possession.

Hated this book the first time. The second time I read this book, I was not only on the way to Vegas but I was seriously sleep-deprived…and this time, I got it. I laughed my butt off, just devoured it (finished it that night in the hotel room at midnight with my roomies yelling at me to stop laughing and turn off the light.)

And I was very pleased with the movie. Not only is Johnny Depp (serious honey, although kinda gross looking in this flick) in it, doing a wonderful job at bringing Hunter Thompson (aka Raoul Duke) to life, cigarette, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt and all) but it’s VERY true to the book…Depp’s voiceovers are straight from the novel, and his delivery is so deadpan that it’s a pleasure to listen to.

And of course, in the movie, you actually get to SEE the bats, the hallucinations, the filth, everything. Oh man.

Sure, they had to tone it down some to get an R rating instead of NC-17, which is definitely the rating for the book (Kids: DON’T do this at home!) but the inspired wierdness of it comes through in every frame.

Like the book, the whole ‘take enough drugs and wierd stuff happens’ schtick gets old after a while, but the movie does a good job of showing the story in the context of its time: the letdown after the 60s are over, Vietnam is STILL going on, and nothing has really changed.

Worth seeing if you liked the book…if you didn’t, you’ll hate the movie, don’t bother with it in that case.

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