Finding Forrester

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I have to say right off the bat that Mr. Otter and I started watching this movie and turned it off halfway through, even though we were both looking forward to seeing it. Yes, it does have Sean in it, he is indeed adorable and was very cute and curmudgeonly in this movie. Nonetheless, it sucked.

Famous but alienated writer takes youth on the streets under his wing, teaches him to write, everyone learns a lesson.

For me, it sucked because I hate Catcher in the Rye and the whole Salinger-as-godlike-writer thing- that was one of the MOST boring and pointless books I have ever read, and it pissed me off that the central character was so obviously cast in that mold.

Secondly, Mr. Otter is a writer, and we both know a bit about the craft of writing. Evidently more than the screenwriter…we finally got so disgusted with the stuff they had Sean telling that poor kid about ‘how to write’ that we gave up and turned it off. Skip this one, it’s a dog.

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