Finding Nemo

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Marlin the clownfish searches for his lost son.

Well. And I thought that would pretty well sum this one up. Mr. Otter and I rented this from Netflix (well, ok, let’s be honest, I pick most of our Netflix movies) just to see the animation, which everyone we talked to said was very good.

And it was. The surprising thing was, the story was better than we expected. Should have known that Pixar wouldn’t let us down…

Mr. Otter especially liked the character that Ellen DeGeneris did the voice for, Marlin’s helper Dory. My favorite was the angelfish (William Dafoe) in the aquarium…I liked all the aquarium fishes, nuttier than a fruitcake as they were…and I LOVED the surfer dude turtles, can I come back as one of them in my next life? Like, wow. Dude. And isn’t that exactly what seagulls are like? Perfect!!!

Anyway. If you’re tired of the same old same old yearly Disney sort of thing, try this: a good story, good characters and stunning animation, even on the small screen. Haven’t even seen the disk full of bonus stuff yet, but it sounds very watchable.

Oogies: the shark. Man, was he scary! I would have been out of that room screaming and had nightmares for weeks if I had seen this even five years ago…ok, maybe not, but he was scary, even though he turned out to be a good guy, sort of. Truly, don’t let an overimaginative kid get anywhere near this, it’s as bad as the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

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