Forbidden Planet

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A science-fictional retelling of The Tempest with lots of Jungian psychology* and groovy special effects thrown in.

I can’t believe that almost two years has passed since I started reviewing movies, and yet I have not watched this one at all. Wow.

This is an Otter Family Favorite, no doubt about it. From the cheesy outer-space special effects, to the comic-relief cook, to the pretty boy officers on the space ship, to Walter Pidgeon’s ponderous pronouncements, to Anne Francis as a sex-kitten, this movie has it all.

But Mr. Otter would say that I am not being fair to his favorite movie…it really isn’t as stupid as I just made it sound. The special effects are actually pretty darn good for their time, to be honest, and this is the first time a synthesizer was used to create a movie soundtrack. The monster attacks are pretty scary too. And Robbie the Robot. My brother had a battery operated Robbie the Robot when I was a kid, and I think we all liked him even better than the robot on Lost in Space.

And even better, aside from the 50s yoks about kissing and alcohol and stuff thrown in because they thought it was funny, this really is a well-thought-out plotline that actually makes sense and holds together, even 47 years later. Very few 50s sf movies can make that claim.

Otter says: it really is a great movie and whether you are serious or msting it, you will watch it over and over. Go buy it, you’ll be glad you did.

*Mr. Otter has been hounding me to say here that it is Freudian psychology and not Jungian. I think he has some kind of complex about it.

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