From Dusk Til Dawn

Two drug dealing bank robbing ex-convict brothers are trying to get to Mexico to escape the law…and then things get really weird…

If you look up the phrase ‘off the wall’ in an idiom dictionary, don’t be surprised if the poster from this movie is there on the page beside the definition…this one is kinda unbelievable.

So these guys (Quentin Tarantino and serious honey George Clooney) are on the run from the law and after robbing a bank and various other retail outlets (in the process killing a bunch of police and Texas Rangers) they are getting pretty desperate. Seth (Clooney) knows a guy in Mexico that will give them asylum in return for 30% of their take.

Unfortunately, his bro Richard (Tarantino) is a total psychopathic nutcase who likes killing people and hears voices…so after a couple of incidents, and with everyone in Texas looking for them, they hijack an RV driven by an ex-preacher (Harvey Keitel) and his two teenage kids…they get to the place in Mexico that they are supposed to meet the guy…and it turns out to be a bar infested with (I am not making this up) vampires.

I know, I know…but it’s GREAT. Even though it totally switches gears in the middle, going from a standard Tarantino tough hood flick to a vampire killing spree bloodbath, it’s GREAT…and it works.

The major actors are excellent, plus Cheech Marin shows up in three different parts, and then…Salma Hayek, dancing in a bikini with a SNAKE. Oh baby, hold me back. The whole movie is worth watching just for that.

Great special effects, a ton of action, wonderful lines (“I’ll be a lap dog of Satan” is a favorite)…you just have to see this one to believe it. One of my favs…and like most straight vampire flicks, not an oogie in sight. A real winner, in my book.

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