From Here to Eternity

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From the novel of the same name by James Jones.

Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, and the lives and loves of the men and women there in the days before Pearl Harbor.

You know, it ain’t easy turning a 900 page novel into a two hour movie…and they did a darn good job with this one. It’s true, there’s a whole lot of plot explication in the first 15 minutes to get the viewer up to speed with the situations, but it works…and the rest of the movie, wow!

A stellar cast- Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster (almost a honey in this one), Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed- plus a lot of well known people in smaller parts- Claude Akins, Jack Warden and Ernest Borgnine among others…and all are well cast, and do a really excellent job. Especially Sinatra, what a great choice for Maggio!

A big plus is Donna Reed as the dance-hall girl who is just out to make a lot of money so she can go home and be respectable.

This movie also includes one of the most famous scenes ever, Burt Lancaster (the sergeant) and Deborah Kerr (his captain’s wife) doing full-body kissing in the surf.

Mr. Otter, otherwise known as Historian-on-a-Stick, was very pleased with the detail in this one too. The “Pearl Harbor Is Coming” foreshadowing got to be a little much, but otherwise amazingly good. And read the book too, it was a page-turner.

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