Ghost Town


Ricky Gervais is a curmudgeonly (I do love that word) dentist who can suddenly see and talk to ghosts…and they won’t leave him alone.

Mr. Otter, Maid-of-Awesome, The Boyfriend and I were spending the evening together, an excellent dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then home for a movie. And this was the movie. And we were very pleasantly surprised.

When it was about to come out, we and M-o-A had planned to see it together because the trailers looked very good, and because Mr. Otter and I like Ricky Gervais, having enjoyed Extras very much. But life being what it was, nobody had time to go see it.

So we were very hopeful of this, although when we compared notes afterwards we all were braced for disappointment. But no! it was REALLY FUN.

Gervais is a total misanthrope, who has become a dentist because although he has to work with people, he can make them shut up by putting stuff in their mouths. Once he can see ghosts, though, the ghosts all want him to help him resolve unresolved things for them, and they won’t leave him alone. The ringleader is Greg Kinnear, a sleazy broker, who is trying to get Gervais to break up his widow’s new romance.

And that’s enough. Watch it for yourself, it’s touching and funny and rude and Gervais’ acting is a treat. Thumbs up Chez Otter!

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