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Discredited Roman general becomes a gladiator bent on revenge.

OK, historically it’s crap, but WHAT A GREAT MOVIE! Beautiful settings, stunning costumes and scenery and a fast-moving plot that is yet full of good characterization. Wow. This one is as good as Spartacus, which is one of my all time favs in the costume department, and the acting is MUCH better.

Nope, Russell Crowe isn’t at all a honey, but he was very good in this, and Oliver Reed (Serious Honey) has always been one of my favs, glad his last movie was a good one.

Also worth mentioning are the score (really compelling and excellent) and the camerawork, esp. in the dream/hallucination sequences, wow! ok, so a lot of it was done with computers, it was still a visual treat.

This is not one to miss. If you haven’t seen it, run out and buy a copy, and grab the kleenex…you’ll need them.

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