Haunted Mansion

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A real estate salesman and his family get caught in (what else) a haunted mansion and have to figure out how to get rid of the ghosts to escape.

And if I may be permitted to quote myself: “OK, this has got to be the LAMEST idea ever, make a MOVIE about a RIDE at DISNEYLAND? Give me a break! Not to mention that it’s PG, usually the kiss of death for action movies.”

This was what I said about Pirates of the Caribbean, when I saw it last year (that one was actually PG-13, but the principle is the same). And I was so wrong about that one…one of THE best movies ever, an Otter Family Favorite.

But you win some, you lose some…the above quote is absolutely true about this loser. Disney should have stopped while they were ahead.

Yes, Eddie Murphy is really cute here, in the annoying but adorable way an untrained puppy dog is cute. As are his wife and kids, although not as annoying. And I do like Terence Stamp, who was not too bad in this stinker as the elderly ghost butler.

But the plot was lame, and although the special effects were of course excellent, they really really should have spent the money on a better script. There was basically one funny line (no, I won’t quote it, it was the only good thing in the whole movie) and that was it.

Of course, no matter what, they were already locked into the ‘haunted house with all the trimmings’ thing from the get-go, but whose fault is that? I’m just hoping that this is not a continuing trend, and that Country Bear Jamboree is not the next opus to be expected from these people…

(And astute fan GATADD has just sent me this link. Just shoot me. Let me die now. The apocalypse is upon us.)

Watch it if you really must, but don’t pay money for it, and don’t say that Otter didn’t warn you…

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