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True story (from a sensational trial) of two girls in New Zealand in the fifties who become close friends until their parents threaten to seperate them.

Okay, this was so not anything like what I expected.

Firstly, ALL the reviews and comments I had read focused on the hot lesbian action between Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey. Sure, there was some of that but that was NOT the focus of the movie. And it wasn’t actually that hot, more on that later.

This is actually a ‘true crime’ sort of story, two kids getting more and more involved with each other because their home lives are totally awful, and doing something extreme when it looks like they will be parted. And even though the ending is kind of given away at the beginning, I won’t say any more about that.

The characters in this movie are very good; Winslet especially was perfect for her role as the spirited charmer who becomes the focus for Melanie Lynskey’s character, and she in turn is excellent as the shy geeky girl who falls totally under Winslet’s spell. Even the parents, while awful, are given some depth and personality, especially Kate Winslet’s parents.

The girls are obviously in love with each other, but this is very tastefully shown mostly with kisses and bathtub conversations and sleeping together in pajamas. And Mr. Otter was disappointed in the ‘uncut’ dvd version, since he said the ‘uncut’ video had Kate Winslet showing her breasts…and the dvd didn’t. Sorry, Mr. Otter.

And here’s the other interesting thing: Kate Winslet’s character, Juliet Hulme, in real life is now the bestselling novelist Anne Perry.

And what did Pauline Yvonne (Parker) Rieper (the other girl, who did the deed) grow up to be?

Why, a librarian, of course.

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