Hedwig and the Angry Inch


The story of a transsexual, her rock band, and their search for fame and fortune.

Well, the easy comparisons are to Rocky Horror and Spinal Tap, but this movie really isn’t like either of them, nor is it trying to be; although it is indeed the only other glam rock musical that has been made into a movie, as far as I know, it’s more like glam rock wannabes…Hedwig is trying, but just can’t quite achieve the flamboyance and verve of other over-the-top performers. The band (composed of Russians who can’t leave because Hedwig has their passports!) is booked into a series of gigs at a seafood restaurant chain that reminds me of Shoney’s- cheap buffets, older clientele, sterile and boring decor- and with which the music and style of Hedwig’s band is really at odds, which is part of the amusement value of this movie.

Certainly an interesting movie, especially with the addition of Andrea Martin as the band’s manager, but the songs, while descriptive and energetic, just aren’t very good…more interesting are the flashbacks into Hedwig’s life.

An odd story, worth seeing once, good ending, but not really outstanding.

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