High Sierra

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From the novel by W. R. Burnett (and although I had never heard of him, his credits are impressive)

Bogie has recently been sprung from the Big House by his gangster boss, who has a heist lined up for him to do. He’s given two small time hoods to work with, and they have a girlfriend (Ida Lupino) who, interestingly enough in 1941, seems to be living with them both in the cabin in the woods. Of course, things go wrong and Crime Does Not Pay…

This is a really good character sketch, and of course Serious Honey Humphrey Bogart steals every scene by underplaying his role brilliantly. Ida Lupino as one of his two love interests is excellent, and the cute dog (“Pard”) is adorable, although (as we are told over and over again) Bad Luck.

My favorite part is towards the end, when he’s trying to get out of LA and go over the mountains towards Chicago, and they show a map with him traveling up the 395 though Olancha to Lone Pine…and then he drives into the mountains again! Hey, Humph, you’re going the wrong way, turn around! the only road he could have taken there would have been Whitney Portals, not very smart…found out later that they actually filmed the last scenes in Big Bear Lake (only a few miles from Otter’s Home Town of Yucaipa, CA).

This is a good solid gangster movie with added character development bonuses, a cute dog and a good car chase (which I mixed up in memory with the ice and snow motorcycle pursuit from The Big Shot, I’ll have to see that one again too). Definitely worth renting and watching, and not just for Bogie.

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