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From the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett

Someone is trying to stop the Hogfather from making his rounds of delivering presents on Hogwatch Night…

Craiggers was visiting, and brought us this as his guest-present. I’ve had it on my Netflix list forever, so I greeted it with cries of joy…and am so happy to have it. Thanks, Craiggers!

This is a live-action film, instead of the animations that have previously been done of Pratchett’s Discworld series (Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music) and is actually quite good. I’ve never been much for the Discworld books, tried the first couple and they were okay, but not as funny as they were trying to be…but I’m sure that over the years Pratchett’s writing got better, or else the humor works better visually than in writing.

Anyway. This is great. Three hours long, in two parts, with a story that is rather reminscent of A Nightmare Before Christmas, with the same visually amusing scenes of Death dressed as a version of Santa Claus (aka The Hogfather, on Discworld.)

Mr. Otter checked out on this, because he was tired and crabby and it builds slowly…yes, it does but it’s worth it, the payoff in the second half works very well. And there are so many wonderful details, every scene is full of great stuff in the background and foreground that is really amusing and appropriate…and just THERE.

Well-acted, well-written, and fun to watch. Otter has a new Christmas movie to add to her canon!

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