Hot Fuzz

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A London policeman is transferred to a bucolic country town that turns out to be not as quiet as it seems…

So there we were, Mr. Otter and I, camping just south of Mendocino, CA. It was cold at night there, very very cold, and the previous two nights had seen us diving for our camper and the sleeping bag at 8 pm to keep from turning into solid Ottersicles. The third night was coming, and at 5 pm it was ALREADY pretty darn cold. I was wearing full sweats and a fleece blanket and could still feel the icy fingers of the wind coming to get me.

Let’s drive to Fort Bragg and see a movie and stay warm, I said to Mr. Otter. The theater there is showing Spiderman 3 and Hot Fuzz, let’s see if one of them starts anytime soon.

And we did. And we were not only kept from freezing to death that evening, but this was a much better movie than we expected…we thought it would be amusing, but never hoped for charming. Which it is.

This movie was made by the same people who brought us Shaun of the Dead, only it’s better and funnier.

This time Simon Pegg is a cop, a real go-getter who is making the rest of the force look bad…so to save themselves, they have him transferred to a tiny country town where nothing happens. Except that a series of murders starts, and Pegg and his cop buddy are trying to solve them.

Filled with excellent character actors (Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Edward Woodward, David Threlfall, even Timothy Dalton) and full of humor, great riffs on cop/chase movies, and enough violence to make even an Otter’s heart happy, this one was a total winner.

Don’t wait for your next camping trip, rent it now!

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