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Four friends who are suddenly facing the fact that they’re middle aged and their lives aren’t going so well are given a chance to go back and fix one particular weekend.

I really had no intention of seeing this. Seriously. But both Spider Jerusalem and Maid-of-Awesome said that they were pleasantly surprised by this movie (and afterwards, in an attempt to save her rapidly diminishing credibility, M-o-A claims that what she ACTUALLY said was, it didn’t suck as bad as I expected it to. That’s what she SAYS. What with this and Team America both to her eternal blame, we’ll see how quickly I watch another sucky movie on her recommendation…)

And here Maid-of-Awesome asks me to point out that she is also the one who introduced me to the Boondock Saints (the awesome first movie, not the festival of suckage that was the second movie.) Yes, M-o-A, your track record is still good. It can take a hit like this and leave you SOME credibility…

But I digress.

At least two people (and maybe also Miz Shoes?) had mentioned this movie. Spider Jerusalem loaned it to me. So I thought, sure, what the heck.

And I have to say, the first 40 minutes or so, while silly, were kinda funny. Mildly amusing. Stupid, but amusing. But then it just got less and less funny, and Mr. Otter (who walked out of the room almost at the beginning) kept coming in and saying, Dear God, isn’t it over YET?…and it just wasn’t very good.

Most of the jokes are the kind that you will like if you enjoy the Three Stooges or Mel Brooks’ later movies…and all of them were telegraphed WAAAAAY in advance. The situations were predictable, not believable, and the ending was not very satisfying.

Really, the only two reasons to see this movie (given that you have a certain je ne sais quois (French for decent sense of humor)) are to see them mocking the early 80s (which I think was the part that was mildly amusing at first) and also to see John Cusack.

Who I keep wanting to like. I keep seeing ads for movies with his cute, intelligent-looking, boyish face, and I think, he was GREAT in Con Air. I’m sure he’ll be good in <whatever piece of crap is being touted at the moment>

But no. He never is. And the movies are awful.

So this is it.

I hereby renounce John Cusack movies. Sure, Con Air was ALL KINDS of awesome, and Grosse Point Blank was good, and the iconic moment of him holding up the boom box to serenade his girl in Say Anything…and he’s done some other good stuff…but damn, it seems like EVERY TIME I watch a movie because he’s in it, I’m disappointed.

So no more, Mr. Cusack! No more will I be suckered into spending my time and money to gaze at your cute yet thoughtful face. No more will I hope that 2012 or War Inc. or Must Love Dogs is worth seeing, simply because you were so great in a couple of early films.

No more.

Unless it looks REALLY GOOD…

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