House of Wax

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What is the secret of the wax museum? and who has been stealing all those bodies from the city morgue? and what is going to happen to…

No, sorry, Fay Wray isn’t in this one…but otherwise, it’s almost a scene-for-scene remake of Mystery of the Wax Museum, including a lot of the same dialogue, twenty years later. Instead of lovely Fay, the young lady who narrowly escapes serious body waxing is Phyllis Kirk, and her friend who is less lucky is Carolyn Jones (astute fans will recognize her as Morticia from the original Addams Family TV show).

The special effects are more bizarre and gruesome, Vincent Price hams it up considerably more than Lionel Atwill, and there are many more fistfights and shots of people running and screaming…but basically, they’re the same movie.

And how convenient that they both are on the same dvd!

Watch this one for a laugh, it’s campy and fun.

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