How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

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Window washer buys self help/business success book, and makes it all the way to Chairman of the Board in record time. From the hit Broadway play.

A very charming and amusing movie, very 60s (although it made me think of a lot of the more recent business success books, notably the One Minute Manager, a book I really, really hate…) Robert Morse is perfect for the role, he was really dumb lookin’ in the face, as we say chez otter, very funny…as was Maureen Arthur as Hedy LaRue, what a great part! Must be Jello, cause jam don’t shake like that…

The set decoration and costuming are not to be missed, and the choreography was based on Fosse’s work for the stage play…and Frank Loesser wrote the wonderful songs.

If you like musicals, especially oddball ones, try this, it’s a hoot.

Penalty for deliberate omission: I know the movie was already two hours long, but did they HAVE to cut the Coffee Break song? sigh. “If I can’t take my coffee break…coffee break…coffee break…if I can’t take my coffee break…something within me dies.” Classic.

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