How to Train Your Dragon

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From the series of books by Cassandra Cowell

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know it…I’m a Teen Librarian. But I work out of the Children’s Room, and at the Children’s Info Desk, and so I talk to and help a lot of younger people find books.

And these have been FLYING off the shelves. Especially since they made a movie of them.

And Maid-of-Awesome (I think it was M-o-A, she’ll correct me if I’m wrong…) said this movie was pretty good.

So I ordered it from Netflix…and it sat on the shelf. Then Spider Jerusalem was visiting, and we were talking about what to watch, and pulled this out.

And we were all CHARMED by it. A village of huge viking warriors with the one wimpy/brainy boy who wants to succeed? and he gets to tame DRAGONS? oh hell yes.

The animation is very good, the plot is predictable but satisfying, and the voices are great. Although the villagers seem to have Scots accents, which annoyed Mr. Otter, the half-Norwegian boy.

But the best part? the way the dragons act. We laughed hysterically. So perfect.

Just go ahead and buy this one, you’ll be glad you did.

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