The Hunt for Red October

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From the novel by Tom Clancy*

A Soviet submarine captain is attempting to defect to the United States…with his submarine.

A good example of an excellent movie made from an excellent book. Good acting, good casting (including serious honey Sean Connery) and non-honey cutie Alec Baldwin as well for eye candy. Oh, and much beloved James Earl Jones. And Tim Curry. I adore Tim Curry, although he was pretty toned down in this one as the ship’s doctor…not a honey, but definitely fun to watch.

This one has it all: a great soundtrack, good acting (except Sean’s execrable Russian accent that makes us hoot and bellow with laughter), an edge-of-the-seat plot, lots of cool electronic doodads…what more can you want?

OK, some real character development…but hey, this is a Tom Clancy book, remember? If you like intricately plotted thrillers with out-of-the-ordinary plot twists, you’ll love this.

And by the way, I am not one to pay more money for special or collectors editions of movies on DVD…I just want the movie, and that’s it, generally…but the first release of this on DVD was TERRIBLE. Muddy, dark, and badly transferred. When we watched the special edition with GATADD last weekend, the difference was amazing. Don’t get the older edition even if it’s cheaper…shell out the bucks for the special edition, you’ll glad you did.

*I have to admit, I used to be a HUGE Tom Clancy fan, back when he wasn’t writing the same damn book over and over and over…but this, his first runaway best seller, is by far his best. The only other one of his worth reading, imho, is Patriot Games, which (rare for Clancy) is very very funny. Mr. Otter does not agree with this opinion, and insisted on keeping his copy of Red Storm Rising when we did The Big Book Purge…so you can see there’s a definite division of opinion on these books Chez Otter.

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