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Well, this gives a nod to Isaac Asimov’s Robot stories, but doesn’t really have much to do with them…

Is Detective Spooner paranoid or are the robots really out to get him?

The Three Laws of Robotics    (according to this movie):

  1. Robots who have gone bad will always glow red. (I’m not joking, it was incredibly stupid)
  2. All shots fired by humans will hit their targets, doing maximum damage. Even when fired by a human with her eyes closed, who has never fired a gun before, with two humans standing two feet from her target.
  3. If Will Smith grabs a robot, he rips off a piece of it. If a robot grabs Will Smith, it will hesitate long enough for him to get out of its grasp. (And any other time the bad guys can finish off the good guys really fast, they will miss the opportunity, in the best Bond Villain style, so the movie does not end quickly. Even though you REALLY WISH it would…)

Well, you probably get the picture. Lots of pretty darn excellent special effects, although at some points (like the car chase in the tunnel) it’s more like playing a big video game, so much of it is computer generated. The plot is pretty dumb, full of holes and contradictions and Matrix-esque mumbo jumbo…but it does have one thing going for it, and you know what that is:

SERIOUS HONEY Will Smith. Known chez Otter as “Mr. Honeypants”.*

Oh man. Yup, the plot sucked, and even special effects galore couldn’t get me past most of the awful acting (James Cromwell and the woman who played Smith’s grandmother being the exceptions, but Cromwell spent the movie being dead, so not much help there…) but it was worth at least 3 bucks just to watch Will Smith.

And there’s one scene where he’s in the SHOWER. For A LONG TIME. Not wearing ANYTHING. Oops, I’m drooling, sorry. Very nice scene. Very. Very. Nice.


Anyway. Otherwise, it was almost as stupid as the movie Independence Day. Don’t bring your brain cells, but make sure your eyes are working, they’re the only part you need, really.

*OK, so Mr. Otter and I were driving somewhere a couple of weeks before this dog opened, and we were passed by a bus that had a big ad for I, Robot on the side…and without even thinking, I pointed, and because I couldn’t come up with Will Smith’s name immediately I said (evidently with a voice dripping with longing): “Ooh! Mr. Honeypants. He is so gorgeous. We have GOT to go see that movie!”

Mr. Otter is never going to let me forget that one.

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