Ice Age: The Meltdown

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In this sequel to Ice Age, Diego, Manny and Sid are back. They are living in a valley, and all the animals realize that they are living in a valley, and when the ice around them melts they are in serious trouble. Plus Manny is upset about being the last of the mammoths.

And so it goes, with a happy ending for all.

This was another Red Cross movie, but at least it didn’t make me cry…except with laughter, during the vultures’ musical number, oh my god, that was so funny.

And actually, I liked this a lot. Maybe I was in a mood to be charmed, but I even liked Crash and Eddie, who are very much like kids that come into my library for the sole purpose of annoying me. I liked Queen Latifah’s character, I love the three guys and their repartee, and the animation was, of course, stunning.

Needless to say, it will behoove you to remove any parts of your brain that know any facts about prehistoric times or which animals lived when…Mr. Otter was totally nonplussed by this, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t laugh once. But even seeing it a second time, I spent so much time rolling on the floor saying, Oh, this is a great part, watch this! and laughing like a hyena that I’m not sure.

Very enjoyable. A Sequel that Doesn’t Suck.

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