If I Were King

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From the book and the play by Justin Huntly McCarthy.

Francois Villon (Ronald Coleman) criticizes King Louis XIV’s (Basil Rathbone) government in the King’s hearing, and so is made Marshal of France to try his own hand at straightening out the mess.

Charming is a good word for this one. A wonderful mix of actors, from Frances Dee showing plenty of cleavage and cuteness, to honey Ronald Coleman spouting poetry, to Basil playing a very different role for him, and doing a wonderful job of it.

The plot is fun, and not so far off kilter that it’s unbelieveable…a good ending, some excellent repartee, a little suspense and a few fight scenes, what’s not to like?

There was a good musical play (so I understand) made of this, which was butchered when it came to the screen as The Vagabond King…which is so bad that Mr. Otter and I just couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Don’t confuse that with this one, the nonmusical version is well worth your time, even on video.

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